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Die Augsburger Straße wurde gemäß dem Striesener Bebauungsplan als . (Nr. 62 - "Striesener Casino") und im Eckhaus an der Dornblüthstraße (Nr. Neugrunaer Casino, Dresden: 31 Bewertungen - bei TripAdvisor auf Platz Casino“ befindet sich nicht in Gruna, sondern in zentraler Lage in Striesen und. Sachsen (Dresden) - Urige Gemütlichkeit in Striesener Eckkneipe Haben Sie sich nicht auch schon einmal gefragt: Wo können wir heute Abend gut essen.

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In der Nachkriegszeit erhielt der Barbarossaplatz am 1. Mehrfach wechselten die Betreiber und Pächter, die jeweils in ihrem Sinne passende Umbauten vornahmen. Die früher vorhandenen Abprallverdachungen an Türen und Fenstern sind nicht mehr erhalten. Mit Machtergreifung der Nationalsozialisten wurde jüdischen Vereinen der Wettkampf mit "reinrassigen" Sportvereinen verboten. Beanspruchen Sie Ihren Eintrag kostenlos, um z. Steuern und Gebühren sind in den Angeboten nicht inbegriffen. In unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft liegt der angelegte Striesener Volkspark.

Check out the list of attractions and activities to do in Klipphausen and nearby areas. It will help you to plan a perfect trip to Klipphausen.

Highlights of Klipphausen includes — Best things to do in Klipphausen and nearby areas, top attractions to visit such as historical monuments, natural attractions, adventurous and entertainment activities to do, places to eat and drink.

Must see places in Klipphausen ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Klipphausen and point of interests to visit.

The Altes Kalkbergwerk Miltitz boasts of the used and disused lime mines in Saxony which are now open for public. During the guided tour through the dingy and murky mine, you will get to explore the m Jahnbad Miltitz is a beautiful large swimming pool.

It is perfect to take a cool dip on a scorching hot day. The pool is safe and the water is clean. There is a well-maintained, lush green lawn beside The Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural style of Schloss Taubenheim is something that will thoroughly enchant you.

You will get to know a lot about the history of the place which is well depicted Schachtberg 2, Klipphausen, Germany.

Naustadt, Klipphausen, Germany. Scharfenberg, Klipphausen, Germany. Am Pfarrweg 3, Klipphausen, Germany. Ever wondered how a website with more than a million points of interests assigns scores to its attractions?

These scores determine the popularity of a particular attraction in a city and also helps you in the trip planning process. Read on to know how we determine which attractions top the charts and which can be given a miss!

Google Reviews David R. Kleingartensparte Am Muhlenhugel E. Alte Kirche Coswig Google Reviews Stefan Lang.

Google Reviews Doreen Sablowski. Google Reviews Stefan Lange. Google Reviews Sven Neumann. Google Reviews Anne Lederhose. Kleingartensparte Am Steinbacher Weg E.

Google Reviews Tino Köhler. Find more places to see in Coswig. Fasanenschlösschen Fasanerie 5 Historic and Protected Sites. Dresdner Heide Historic and Protected Sites.

Stallhof Historic and Protected Sites. Mountains in Coswig Keulenberg Mountains. Museums in Coswig Albrechtsburg Domplatz 1 Museums. Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Theaterplatz 1 Museums.

Volksfestgelände Landmarks Amusement Parks. Beaches in Coswig Strandbad Paulsdorf Beaches. Agrargenossenschaft Ruppendorf Hofweg 6 Hunting and Fishing.

Ralf Pölzing canis-rex Kirchweg 17 Hunting and Fishing. Looking to travel Coswig? How we rank attractions on Things To Do?

In the summer, with the garden in full bloom, the beer garden is open, and guests enjoy the grand view striesener casino the River Elbe and the hill slopes of Loschwitz across the river. The Courts are situated at the Corner of Bürgerwiese and Albrechtstrasse. Volksfestgelände Schöne trikots Amusement Parks. For New York M. Sissi slot machine the museum restaurant is like travelling back to the beginning of the 20th century. Due to considerable proportion of mortality being attributed by maternal and child health, the United Nations together with other international agencies incorporated the two into Millennium Development Goals MDGs 4 and 5. Although Bart is initially rejected, Burns soon decides to choose him after seeing him as "a creature of pure malevolence". Virgin and Chi Id. As ofJhpiego's primary program areas are: Dragnet earned praise for improving the public opinion of police officers. The Institute is headed löwenstore Dr. The episode features cultural references to films such as Terminator 2: You can searcli through llic lull lexl of this book on llic web at http: Das Vereinshaus in Striesen war schon vorher für Beste Spielothek in Bremerhagen finden Bebauung aufgegeben worden. Telefonische Reservierung sind zu empfehlen. Interessant ist auch das gegenüberliegende Wohnhaus Nr. Abgeordnete der KPD im sächsischen Landtag. Von den zahlreichen kleinen Läden ist die Lebensmittelverteilungsstelle des Konsumverein "Vorwärts" erwähnenswert Nr.

The masterpieces f Dinglinger Court of the Mogul; took 14 workmen 8 years make. The celebrated green diamond.

Altogether, a collection unmatched in beauty fid costliness in the entire world. Closed Sundays in winter.

Open Sundays in summer, 11 — 2; ther days, summer 9—2; winter 10—1 May and October 10—2. Open Tuesday and Friday 10 — 1, for study only. Built under Christian I.

On ground floor the royal carriages; first story the historical museum; second story the porcelain collection.

On the side the Wettinerzug, a sgraffitto painting by Walther, showing the princes of this house and their poats of arms. A large collection of historical and artistic value.

In" the entrance-room are two cartoons representing Rudolph joi Habsburg when created Emperor of Germany, and Rudolph [with the priest. Antiques of the Renaissance clocks, Luther's writing-table, and his golden goblet.

Tournament Hall swords and all kinds of weapons. Implements and trophies of the chase. Gala-suits of Saxon princes, particularly valuable swords of Polish, Hungarian and Saxon nobles.

Tent of Kara Mustapha, taken by the Saxon army in Closed Saturday in winter. Open 2 Sunday; other days 9 — 2 in summer, 10—2 in winter.

Admission Sunday 25 pf. The ticket for this museum entitles the owner likewise to Visit the Royal Rrmory Gewehr galler ie, LH a highly interesting collection of fire-arms.

The days, hours, and prices of admission follow the same complicated rule as for the Historical Museum. See Table, pages 18 and This is the largest collection of its kind in the world ; it contains more than half a million pieces, valued at several million marks.

One of the curiosities is a piano, in which porcelain bells sound instead of strings. Labels are affixed to the most important objects.

Sundays 11—2; other days in summer 9 — 2, in winter 10 — 2. Saturdays in winter closed. The Saxon Archives are kept here. The collection f antiquities and of plaster casts are accessible from the north ide.

Saxonia Ockelmann , Art Hölbe and tastery König. Collection of Rntiques Antikenkabinet, Albertinum, M Though the objects do not surpass mediocrity, many are of nterest catalogue 1 mark.

Sunday 11 — 2, other days 9—3. Plaster Casts Gypsabgüsse in the Albertinum. Charles III of Spain caused Mengs to take casts of the most important Italian statues, on which occasion he made a collection for himself, which was afterwards acquired by Frederick Augustus A description of every Single subject is scarcely necessary, as the names are indicated.

Open Sundays 11 — 1 ; other days 9 — 3. Sunday 11 — 2, other days 9 — 3. Royal Library Königliche Bibliothek.

About , volumes, incunables, MSS, 20, ma Ps; mostly historical works of old and modern literature. Every day 9—2, 4 — 6.

Guide in summer 12—1, winter 1—2; 50 pf. Comfortable, luxuriously furnished Reading-Rooms in the first-floor flat for reading, smoking, conversation, writing; besides a conversation-room for ladies only.

The catalogued library numbers several thousand volumes. Immense list of daily papers, weekly and monthly periodicals in all languages.

In the corridor are a number of letter-box lockers which may be rented by sub- scribers to the Reading-Rooms. A letter- box is emptied regularly by the postman.

The rates of subscription are: A daily ticket costs 30 Pf. Museum of Rntiquities Alterthums - Museum, P 14 in the Grosser Garten Palace containing about different objects, relics of the time of the Reformation especially altar-ornaments.

May 1 to Oct. Afternoon concerts in fine warm weather. Merchandise Sample Museum Niedergraben 5. Weekdays 10 — 5. Körner- Museum L 10, Neustadt; Körnerstrasse 9 containing a remarkable collection of relics of this celebrated German poet and hero of Wednesday, Saturday, 9—1 and 2—5 in winter, 10 — 1 and 2—4 in summer.

Schilling -Museum , Pillnitzersträsse 63, Q Entree 1 M; 5 family cards each for one adult or two children 3. Plaster casts and modeis of the sculptor's various works.

Kunstgewerbe -Museum Antonsplatz 1, K Excellent school for promoting art in its practical application. Stadt- Museum Kreuzstrasse 10, II, M 12 contains curious old views of Dresden ; the original designs of the Frauenkirche, Dreikönigskirche and other public edifices, sacred relics, likenesses of eminent Dresden celebrities; rare old prints, the first Protestant hymn-book, the silver treasure of the Rath Council , Napoleon's sleigh and many other curiosities.

Open Sunday 11 — 1, other days 11 — 2. Admission Sunday and Monday free; other days 50 pf. Dietrich's frescoes in the principal Hall Aula.

First Sun- day in the month free from 11—1; otheF Sundays 11—1, and every Tuesday and Friday 3— 5, admission 50 pf. Wolfram's Kunstsalon Victoria House, L Weekdays 10 — 6, Sundays and holidays 11 — 2.

Sunday 11 — 12, Monday to Saturday 9—1 and 4 — 6; ad- mission 1. Apply in the HofmarschaH's office. Weekdays in summer 9 — 2; apply to the porter.

Entrance in the court; go in on Schlossstrasse. The Schloss [should be entered by the larger of the two courts on the west side of which are the Green Vault and the Coin Cabinet.

This court attained its present dimensions in , under Kurfürst Moritz. Three of the staircase-towers, and the four-story loggia before the tower, were then built.

The reliefs under the loggia parterre show scenes from the life of Joshua. The Upper part of the great tower was frnished After the fire of , which destroyed the wing lying towards the Schlossstrasse, and containing the "Giant Salon" the Schloss was in largely rebuilt.

The Silver Plate collection is to be visited from Monday until Friday, 9 — 1 and 4—6; admission, 1 or two persons, 1. Sundays and holidays 11 — 3; Thursday 10 — 1; other week- days 10—4.

Mural paintings of the great Hall Aula. First Sunday in the month 11—1; or any time if you know a student or a professor, or speak to the porter about it.

Sunday s, holidays and Wednesdays, 11 — 2; 25 pf. The Prinzen -Palais built ; restored and enlarged — lies east of the Royal Palace or Schloss.

At present it contains a public library. Its gardens are beautiful, especially in rose and lilac times. Botanical Garden, Stübel -Allee Q Summer, weekdays 6—6, Sunday 6 — 12; winter, weekdays 8—4, Sunday 9 — Bürgerwiese, from Georgplatz to Grosser Garten M 13, Grosser Garten, lying along Thiergartenstrasse, from Lenn6- strasse S.

No one should Visit Dresden without taking a walk or a ride through this beautiful park. It once contained alabaster statues, but in the siege of most of these were ruined or removed by the Prussians.

There are three main avenues; 1 the Hercules Allee, characterized by two colossal — 40 — statuary groups at the entrance; 2 the Hauptallee, at the entrance of which are two large marble vases showing the four seasons and the four quarters of the earth; 3 the Querallee.

Where this crosses the Hauptallee is a palace building, now used as a museum for the collections of the Verein für sächsische Volkskunde. Herzogin -Garten, Ostra- Allee K Has several green- houses, and an Orangery X49 feet, used for wintering the orange trees and other plants from the Pillnitz and Gross-Sedlitz gardens.

Note fig trees over years old, brought from Palestine by Duke Albert f See roses and lilacs in spring time. All these gardens are open every day, free.

Zoological Garden, on Thiergartenstrasse, surrounded by the Grosser Garten N 14 ; yellow cars from Georgplatz through Park- and Thiergartenstrasse, bearing a sign with a lion's head and a Z.

Usual admission 50 pf. Military concerts Wednes- day and Saturday at 4 or 5 o'clock according to the season. In Dresden - Neustadt: Prices in the best hoteis run from 2—8 M.

Service, not inclusive of that of the Hausdiener and the porter, from 75 pf. The rates are lower for a longer stay, but must be arranged beforehand.

In the so-called "second class" hoteis, most frequented by tourists, lodging runs about from 1 — 2. In case of misunderstandings which however can.

In serious cases, it is best to refer to one's Consul. There are restaurants in nearly all the hoteis; besides which there may be mentioned the following: Most of the boarding- and lodging-houses and furnished rooms are in the S.

Visitors not in a hurry, and intending residents, are recommended to consult the daily Anzeiger, or to put an advertisement therein or in the "Stranger's Guide".

Furnished rooms to let are advertised each day in the Anzeiger ; and advertisements therefore may be left at its office near the S.

To prevent overcharges and difficulty: In other words, give the advance notice when hiring, and renew it each month, before a witness, or better yet have the notice acknowledged on your receipt.

The foregoing cautions are no more applicable to Dresden than to other European cities — perhaps less so than in countries inhabited by the Latin races — but there is "human nature" everywhere, and honest people never object to accuracy and attention to detail in business dealings.

The ground for this beautiful "13th-century Gothic" or "Early English" edifice was given by the city and the expenses of the building were met by Mrs.

Goschen and her sons. The fine altar-windows, costing 30, M. Celebration of the Holy Communion, at 8 A.

Moore, Strehlen, Gustaph Adolph-Strasse 6. American Church of St. John Reichsplatz, K 16 , built , opened Christmas of the same year, is a tasteful Gothic building with a fine Rectory adjoining; the funds being furnished by the Congregation.

Holy Communion the first Sunday in every month. Butterworth, Rector, Reichsplatz 5. There is a Chapter of St. Andrew's Brotherhood and a branch of the King's Daughters attached to the parish.

Resides in the same building. The exterior of the building is beautifully ornamented with 64 stone statues tff the Saints after designs of Torelli.

Each of them cost M. The chief portal has the colossal figures of the four Evangelists each costing M. The inferior of the church is rieh in magnificent paintings.

The altar- piece represents the Ascension, painted by Raphael Mengs. The paintings over the side-altar show the death of St.

Xavier and the Virgin's appearance to Loyola, both by Rotari. The Benno Chapel is adorned with pictures by Torelli, representing scenes from the life of the Bishop of Meissen.

The two marble statues by Berini are John the Baptist and St. On Sunday and on holy days at 11 A. The Sophienkirche LH, Evangelical court church dates from and was first a place of worship of the Grey Brethren; before the Reformation it was used as a ware-house.

In it was restored by the Electress Sophie, and — 68 entirely renovated in the Gothic style by Prof. On the south-side is a relief by Gust.

The inferior contains many fine statues and objeets of interest, and an altar on two pillars of green marble, hewn from a Single block, brought by Duke Albrecht from Palestine.

Behind the church Stands — 45 — the elegant Georgsbrunnen, erected after Hähnel's and Möckel's designs. Kreuzkirche L 12 , dating from the 12th Century, so called from a relic a splint of the Cross of Christ.

Burned out and entirely rebuilt inside; Dresden's first principal church, and interiorly the most beautiful and modern in the entire city.

The organ, the ceilings, the opalescent Windows, the reading-desk, are well worth examination. Every Saturday "Vespers" sacred music from 2 to 3 P.

Frauenkirche M 11 , the oldest church in Dresden time of "August der Starke" , was rebuilt in the Renaissance-style — by Bahr. The interior is Barock.

The church suggests St. Peter's, Rome, and the Florence cathedral. It is the largest church in Dresden and can hold persons.

The organ, containing 44 registers and pipes, is the best work of Silbermann. Under the church are interesting old vaults.

Every Saturday, vespers 4 P. The altar is from the Kreuz- kirche of , injured by the Prussian bombardment. Behind the church, monument to "Mutter Anna" f The beautiful Johanneskirche, 'in Gothic-Roman style, by Möckel.

Corner of Pillnitzer- and Eliasstrasse, O Russian Church Reichsstrasse, near the American church, K 15 in old Russian style after the design of v.

The mterior displays great costliness: Grosse Brüdergasse 2; meets fourth Wednesdays. German and Austrian Alpenverein.

Meets Wednesday evenings; in Winter at Moritzstrasse lb, I. Gebirgsverein für die Sächsische Schweiz. Mountain Club Gebirgsverein for Saxon Switzerland.

Victoriastrasse 18 and Friedrich Augustplatz 4, I. Polytechnicum ; Thursday evenings. Palace in Grosser Garten. The Courts are situated at the Corner of Bürgerwiese and Albrechtstrasse.

Applications for Member- ship to J. See, Bergstrasse 38, I. In summer the members meet elsewhere for in- formal discussion. Visitors are welcome; and as many of the members speak English, even non-German speaking engineers and architects will be well reeeived.

Hofmann, painting Bismarckstrasse 8, Sunday 11 — 1; Prof. Dietz, sculpture Eliasstrasse Dresden has model aecommodations for over 15, soldiers mostly in Neustadt or rather in the Alberstadt.

Take cars to Arsenal. Entry to barracks of "Kaiser Wilhelm" and "König Albert" regiments guarded by fine Kons, by Schilling, cast from — 49 — 7 rench cannons.

Kadettenhaus and Garnison Hospital Lazareth lave fine buildings. Note Mausoleum of late Minister von rabrice.

Over the bndge of the new Garrison Church; further to Königsplatz and Arsenal. Following the Königsbrückerstrasse, to the city workhouse; then the Military Courts, the Commissary and Quartermaster's Buildings, and ttie Military Washhouse.

In the Commissary Department there Is an abbattoir, a coal-yard, a steam flour-mill with a capacity of 50, Ib. The grain store-house has a capacity of tons; the flour store-house, the same.

Going back through the Königsbrückerstrasse to Prinz Georg-Allee, across the railway, we find at the right the Riding- school with barracks, and stabling for horses; then the Cavalry, Train and Artillery Barracks, each having its own riding school.

The Elbe is spanned by six bridges at or near Dresden: The principal one is the stone Augustusbrücke, built by Matthäus Fotius, and having the unexplained peculiarity that the cut-waters or ice-breakers on the piers are on the down- stream side.

Being rather unsafe, it will be replaced by a new - one which obstructs the river less. The depth of water is shown on the third pier, counting from the Altstadt end.

The Marienbrücke runs from the Viaduct to the Palace Gardeiy and consisted formerly of two parts; a foot and wagon road not for street cars and a 3-track railway bridge, at a higher level; but a new 4-track railway bridge has been built along the old railway part and is now thrown open to ordinary vehicles, to street cars, and to foot passengers.

The Carolabrücke, of iron and stone, was completed in M It connects Eibberg and the Neustadt river bank new Finanz Ministerium. The iron "rigid Suspension" bridge between Losch witz and Blase witz is the only one of its type in the world.

As re- gards strength it reflects great credit on its designer, Prof. On all bridges, the law requires both foot-passengers and vehicles to keep to the right side.

August der Starke, Hauptstrasse L Fabrice, Albertstadt P 6. Friedrich August der Gerechte, Zwinger-garden K Gutzkow, Georgplatz M 13 '.

King Anton J King Johann, Theaterplatz L Körner, Georgplatz M Ludwig Richter, Terrasse M Luther, Neumarkt L Moreau see description; L Moritz, foot of Terrasse M Mutter Anna, near Annenkirche K Nieritz, Theresienstrasse L 9.

Otto, Georgplatz M Rietschel, Brühische Terrasse M Semper, Terrasse M Victory, Altmarkt L Weber, near Picture Gallery L The Wettin Monument or Obelisk, standing before the Schloss LH , was erected in to celebrate the th anniversary of the reigning house of Wettin.

It is 62 ft. Dresden has many Squares of more or less importance and greater or less size. The principal ones are as follows: Postplatz K 11 , Post and Telegraph Offices.

Altmarkt L 12 , Victory monument. Neumarkt L M 11 , Frauenkirche. Dippoldiswaldaer Platz K Pirnaischer Platz M 12 , "Kaiser-Palast".

Holbeinplatz N 12 , Justiz-Gebäude. Sachsenplatz O 10 , Jäger-Kaserne. Georgplatz M 12, 13 , Kreuzschule. Lukasplatz K 14 , Lukaskirche. Wiener Platz N Linden au platz L Bismarckplatz K L 14 , Polytechnikum.

Reiahsplatz K 15, 16 , American Church. Münchener Platz J Plauenscher Platz K Sternplatz J 12 , Alter Annen-Friedhof. Schützenplatz J K Striesener Platz O P Eliasplatz O 11 , Churchyard.

Seidnitzer Platz N Neustädter Markt L M Albertplatz M 9 , Theatre; twin Fountains. Alaunplatz N O 7 , Exercise and Parade ground.

Lutherplatz O 8, 9 , Martin Luther-Kirche. Grossenhainer Platz L 7. E to Pirnaischer Platz; Schlossstr. N to Schlossplatz; and Seestr.

S to beginning of Pragerstr. From Neumarkt x t Moritzstr. NE to Sachsenplatz; Landhausstr. NW to Neumarkt; Johannesstr. SE to Neumarkt ; Schlossstr.

From Sachsenplatz 'j Marschallstr. From Sternplatz y Falkenstr. SW to Falkenbrücke over Railway ; Annenstr. From Albertplatz x y Bautznerstr.

E to Waldschlösschen ; Georgenstr. N to the Pionier-Kaserne and the Arsenal ; Alaunstr. This is being erected at the right of the Carola bridge, in Neustadt M N Academy Building, Brühische Terrasse.

Weekdays 10 5 except Thursday 10 — 1 ; Sundays and holidays 11 — 2. City, Kreuzstrasse 10, II. Week- days 9 — IV2 except Saturday 4—7.

Brüdergasse 21, I; Weekdays 10 2 and except Saturdays 5 Natural Healing, Zeughausplatz 3, p. Industrial Art School, Antonsplatz 1. Summer weekdays 8 6; Winter weekdays 8—8; Sundays and holidays 11—1.

City Populär, 12 in number; see Directory. New Reading Museum, Waisenhaustr. Finished ; planned by Wanckel. Note the Elbe front ; majolica mosaic of Saxonia, by Dietrich.

The interior is handsome and convenient; the entrance hall imposing. This is on the Pillnitzerstr. Nil and has two fine statues of Innocence and Guilt.

Railway Museum in third story apply to porter. Near the Opera House, to the north L This plan was first carried out in New York City. If known to have been left on a street-car, then at the office of the "red" line, Ostra-Allee 30, or of the "yellow" line, Georgplatz 3, I.

If left on a steamsboat, then at the Company's Offices opposite the landing t places in Dresden-A. Fine collections; hospital and clinic.

The Ruder Club has a fine boat house Wachwitzstr. From May 1 to Oct. Hotel Bellevue 10 A. The ride oecupies about three hours; price three marks.

Easter and Michaelis, at Seidnitz Reick. Matters relating to births, deaths and marriages must be attended to here.

For the left side of the Elbe the Standesamt is Kreuzstr. New Police building, Landhausstr. Great Britain has an embassy at Elisenstrasse 5c and a consulate in Altmarkt L Office hours 10—1, 3—4.

The principal fountains are the following: Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen, Holbeinplatz N Georgenbrunnen next Sophienkirche Grosse Brüdergasse side, L Gutsdtmidbrunnen or Cholerasäule, Postplatz K Summer, Sunday 11—1, Thursday 3 5.

Stilbeibrunnen, opposite Exhibition building. Water nymph, Moltkeplatz L 13 ; Brossmann. Twin Fountains on the Albertplatz M 9.

The immense Single jet in the Zwingergarten plays Sundays and Wednesdays, 12 1. View it with the sun at your back to see the rainbow.

The King's principal residence is in that part of the Schloss facing on Schlossplatz. When heir to the crown he lived in a fine residence with beautiful garden, Johann Georgen-Allee M The King has fine summer residences at Pillnitz and Hoster- witz; and there is also a delightful summer retreat or villa at the corner of Residenzstr.

Crown Prince Friedrich August has a summer villa in Wach witz. The garrison consists of the Schützen Füsilier regiment, No. Neustadt is North of Altstadt.

To waiters, a tip is in almost all cases due a tenth of the bill, with a minimum of 5 pf. To street-car conductors, 5 pf. For those refer to the A B C-Guide, page 69, which gives a number of.

In payiiig, where you give a note or piece, out of which to receive change, state the amount as you lay it down ; as some- times dishonest Clerks or waiters pretend to have received less than was thc case.

Sometimes, also, with unfamiliar money, you may think that you have handed over more than you have. The Altmarkt L 12 with the imposing monument in Carrara marble of the "Sieges-Denkmal", which represents the victorious Germania with four emblematical figures, signifying Valor, Peace, Patriotism, and Science.

See Alphabetical Index at beginning of this work, page V. The newer portions are connected with the old by bridges across the street. It has recently been quite handsomely restored, inside and out.

Visitors must apply to the Schlossverwalter for admission. In the first court to the left is the Green vault Grünes Gewölbe.

Through the Georgenthor built , the last remnant of the ancient Castle of this name, you reach from Schlossstrasse the Schlossplatz.

The interior of the palace is well worth seeing, especially the ball-room and the coronation- hall in the second story; the walls of which are beautifully adorned with paintings by Bendemann.

The ball-room is de- corated with mythological figures ; in the coronation-hall are por- traits of eminent law-givers as Moses, Solon, Zoroaster, Numa, Charlemagne, Otto I.

Above the throne are four allegorical figures of the cardinal virtues: Justice, Wisdom, Fortitude, and Moderation.

The Silberkammer con- tains the King's plate. May be seen 9—1 A. To the right East is the Brühl'sche Terrasse L 11 , rising above the Elbe with a charming view of the river and the distant heights.

Before that it was part of the fortifications, and is now the only part of these, standing. The broad flight of 41 steps, built by the Russian governor, leading up to the platform, is decorated with four gilded statues by Schilling, representing Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night.

These received the first prize at the Vienna Exhibition of The promenade, a quarter of a mile long, is the rendezvous of the fashionable world in Dresden.

From it one sees the Elbe and its bridges, Neustadt, Loschwitz, and the Heide. The view of the Lössnitz from here is most beautiful. The colossal rotunda is surmounted by the Panther Quadriga by Schilling, representing Dionysos and Ariadne.

At the entrance are the statues of Goethe and Schiller by Rietschel. The interior has beautiful paintings in the ceiling and in the foyers, displaying great profusion of color.

Main curtain by Keller of Karlsruhe. Central gaselier has jets. The Auditorium holds about persons. Royal lodge, centre of first rank.

Stage 43 feet wide, with arrangements for four curtains. Building cost four million marks. On the water's edge, and every spring partly flooded by the high water, is Helbig's Etablissement, or the Italienisches Dörfchen.

Pleasant place to sit and watch the river and the bridge. The King John Monument is on the Theaterplatz. Equestrian Statue by Schilling in memory of the Wettin-Jubilee in It is a large building encircling garden beds and the bronze-monument of Frederick Augustus the Just by Rietschel.

On its base are four allegorical figures of Piety, Wisdom, Justice, and Clemency. The edifice itself consists of six pavilions, partly in rococo, partly in baroque style, unique in construction.

King Augustus intended to make it a grand portico of the main Castle, which was never built. At present it serves the purpose of a museum see "Museums" pages 16 — Passing the Sophienkirche and the Georgenbrunnen you come to the Postplatz K In a line with this rises St.

From the General Post-office and Telegraph continue your way along the Wilsdrufferstrasse. This brings you back to the Altmarkt L 11 ; by keeping to the right you reach the Seestrasse with the Foreign-Departement.

At this corner is the Victoriahaus, designed after the Braunschweig Gewandhaus of German Renaissance style. Straight on is the Pragerstrasse, a broad street with beautiful shops; at the end of this street is the — 61 — Haupt-Bahnhof K Passing under the railway you come to the Bismarckplatz Russian-American quarter with the Poly- technikum or Technical High School, built in after a design of Prof.

Heyne, and since much enlarged K First rate Professors for mechanics, architecture, mathematics and chemistry.

Back the same way as far as the Hauptbahnhof and along the Wienerstrasse the English quarter. By going down the Gellertstrasse, you reach the Grosser Garten, a large English park with many walks and pleasant avenues decorated with statues and marble groups.

In August severe combats between the French and Prussians took place here. Tourists are re- commended to inspect this edifice. Behind the palace is a large sheet of water with swans ; excellent skating in winter, with con- certs.

Pollender's and other Cafes are on or near this pond. A beautiful avenue at right angles with the palace takes you to the Zoological Garden, one of the finest in Germany; entrance 75 pf.

In summer good concerts on Saturday ; Rendez- vous of the Dresden fashionable world. A large and comfortable concert-hall having been built, there are now also concerts in winter.

Then back to the city through the Bürgerwiese beautiful promenades to the Georgplatz M 12, 13 with the Kreuzschule, a celebrated old school in Gothic architecture beautiful hall , attended once by von Weber, and by Richard Wagner; in front of the school the Körner-, Gutzkow- and Julius Otto Monuments.

Close by is the Ferdinandplatz, with the celebrated Gänsedieb-Fountain, by Diez, and in Pragerstrasse a large Exhibition of Art, with a large assortmeut of modern paintings, the enterprise of Mr.

Fronting the Belvedere is the Synagogue, an edifice in oriental style designed by Semper; inferior most remarkable. At the end of this street is the Neumarkt, with the Frauen- kirche, the Monument of Frederick Augustus II by Rietschel, the Luther-Monument by Rietschel, and the Johanneum with a handsome court and gateway the latter a splendid work of 62 - art.

On the outer wall of this edifice Augustusstrasse a mag- nificent tableau in sgraffitto of the Saxon sovereigns Fürsten- zug by Ludwig Richter.

In it are the royal carriages, and the collections of armor and porcelain. Crossing the Augustus bridge you reach the Neustadt. Neustadt was destroyed by fire in ; then August der Starke had the Hauptstrasse and Königstrasse laid out.

The Augustus bridge, a stone bridge dating from the lOth Century, with 17 pillars and 16 arches; to be replaced in a few years. To left of north end, the Blockhaus.

Then the Haupt- strasse "Dresdner Linden". On the Neustädter Marktplatz rises the imposing Monument of Augustus the Strong looking towards Poland , cast in gilded copper by Widemann in Two ornamental masts typify the German Empire and Saxony.

Fo the left are the Townhall and Dreikönigskirche M 9 , also garrison church; to the right hand farther on the Catholic chapel and the Albert-Theatre, with the twin Fountains by Diez.

From here a good half hour's walk takes to the Arsenal O 5 and the immense barracks, considered the most perfect military buildings in Europe; for 15, soldiers.

The Königsstrasse leads from the Albertplatz to the Kaiser Wilhelm-Platz with the Japanese Palace, Royal Library and the Palace-garden, famous for its rare exotic trees, and for roses, lilacs and thorn trees; near by is the interesting Körner-Museum.

Return to Altstadt crossing the Marienbrücke. There are also good views from the Brühl'sche Terrasse, the bridges, the hill in the garden of the Japanese Palace, Neustadt L 9 , the Frauenkirche and Kreuzkirche towers, the Stadtgut in Räcknitz and the Wald- schlösschen Terrasse.

Dresden owes its renown not only to its various artistic and mental enjoyments but also and perhaps more especially to the beauty of its environs.

From numerous Hills, principally an the right bank of the river Neustadt side , up-stream, the spectater enjoys an extended panorama of the city and the surroundi ng country.

From the Albertplatz through the Bautznerstrasse pass the Lincke'sches Bad, where Eduard Strauss' Orchester plays a week each summer, and through a shady avenue reach the Waldschlösschen, a favorite brewery, with its own restaurant, famed for its excellent beer.

An English mile further on, lies the Albrechtsberg with the Albrechtsschlösser fine terraces down to the Elbe, and beautiful plantations.

Close by, the elegant Villa Souchay in English style. By steamboat starting from Brührsche Terrasse 20 pf. The new waterworks are here.

There is a restaurant, much frequented on account of its beautiful elevated Situation. Not far from here is the Weisser Hirsch, a favourite summer-residence.

It lies far up on the Hill ; has a good restaurant and hotel, from which it takes its name. Also accessible by omnibus and by electric railway from Waldschlösschen.

Lahmann, a prominent physician, is known far beyond the Gerrhan Empire. By steamboat obout half an hour 30 pf.

It is a very hilly village, on the right bank of the Elbe with many nice country seats. See the Schillerhäuschen on Schillerstr.

Hotel Demnitz at the Steam- boat landing. Burgberg, steps up the hill. Louisenhöhe, reached by inclined rope railway from point near the end of the electric car line.

A beautiful bridge unites those two much fre- quented resorts. It is the- only one of its kind in the world, being of a special " rigid-suspension " type.

Reached by electrical railway from Blasewitz are Tolkewitz and Laubegast on the left river bank. At the former, Donath's Neue Welt refreshment garden with curious structures , amuses children.

Pillnitz — Keppgrund — Hosterwitz. By steamboat about one hour and a quarter, or by rail Haupt-Öahnhof to Nieder- sedlitz 40 pf.

Royal Palace in Japanese style. Strangers desirons of seeing the interior must apply to the Castellan. Very fine Conifer collection.

The oldest Camelia tree in Europe, sometimes having blossoms. A lovely walk through the Friedrichsgrund leads to the Borsberg m — feet with a grand panorama.

The Meixmühle makes a pleasant walk from Pillnitz. From the Haupt-Bahnhof return ticket to Mügeln 70 pf. From here the Müglitzer Strasse about IVa hours through the village of Dohna to Schloss Weesenstein, or direct to Weesenstein narrow gage by railway with the line going to Geising ,in the Erzgebirge.

An interesting old Castle with 7 stories: Following or taking the tramway out Wienerstrasse one comes to Strehlen, a quiet old village with a royal villa and numbers of quaint old houses Duttler's Restaurant and Variety Theatre; Hotel Goldene Krone , and from here a pleasant walk to Mockritz and the Gold'ne Höhe, or to Neu-Ostra and Leub- nitz.

Here is a Gasthof which was once a cloister built and a 16th-century church with curious spire and an arrangement of galleries and private lodges not often seen, and worth visiting.

Räcknitz — Moreau Monument — Franzenshöhe. It may also — 65 — be reached by Walking out Werderstrasse and bearing slightly to the right.

At the end of Werderstrasse the new Lukas Church. Kaitz, Prinzenhöhe, Windberg, Poisengrund, and Deuben make a good excursion; return by rail to Dresden.

Here is also the Felsenkeller brewery. The Grund or dale is watered by the wild Weisseritz. One of the prettiest trips on this side of Dresden.

One Station beyond Hainsberg is the charming town of Tharandt with its celebrated Forest Academy, and ruined tower. On the heights is Cotta's grave, the eminent founder of the Academy, surrounded by 80 oaks planted by himself.

Other side of the stream, Stille Liebe. To Briessnitz, Zschoner Grund, Merbitz and Cossebaude is a delightful trip by carriage or even afoot; the latter may also be reached by rail from Haupt-Bahnhof.

In cherry-blossom time the scene is fairly-like. From Cossebaude, if one has gone by rail, there is time to visit Liebenecke, Osterberg, Gohlis and Amseigrund.

To Kötzschenbroda by rail and thence afoot to Paradies, Sängerhöhe and so on to Weintraube and thence home by rail, is an especially delightful trip in pear-blossom time.

Moritzburg by rail from Haupt- or Neustädter Bahnhof to Radebeul, where change is made to Secundär-Bahn narrow gage railway.

Celebrated hunting Castle, built by the Elector Maurice Deer, wild boars and many kinds of ornamental pheasants. The feeding of the former, Sunday after- noons, brings crowds of spectators, especially in the spring, when the young wild swine are to be seen in great number.

The cuckoo and the nightingale are to be heard. Through the Dresdner Haide the riding is good and the Walking also fair. One must avoid the target ranges.

The Haide- möhle is worth a visit. The Haide, which covers 15, acres, has a very beneficial effect in "sheltering Dresden in Winter. One can walk for 17 miles in the forest.

Not so much visited as it deserves. Interesting Castle, high up on a mountain of basalt corumns; wonderful well, about ft.

On 'the line Neustadt-Dürröhrsdorf; to be reached via either Pirna or Arnsdorf. Half an hour from Station.

Takes a day; worth it. See the Albrechtsburg, the Cathedral, and the Royal Porcelain factory where the so-called Dresden china is made.

A long half day. See "Collier's Guide to Saxon Switzerland" for detailed information concerning these charming excursions.

The Kilogram is practically 2. An English pound is 0. An English mile is about 1. The Meter is about An English foot is 0.

An English yard is 0. Ordinary Walking on a level on good ground is 3 miles or 4. On hüls and bad roads it takes longer; usually 16 minutes per kilometer are reckoned.

A Mandel is 15; a Shock is 60 in counting eggs. Strangers unaccustomed to German time-reckoning should remember that halb acht VaSJ.

Railway time here is the Middle European or Görlitz Standard. This is given each noon from a small bell on the Zwinger.

In Saxony the Reaumur thermometer is used. The following approximate comparative scale may be of use. But the starting points or zeros are at the temperature of ice for R.

All of the so-called "Dresden" properly "Royal Saxon" China is made in Meissen or elsewhere, although much porcelain from Meissen, Berlin, and Limoges is here decorated by Dresden artist- artisans.

Dresden, opposite the royal palace, and visitors can purchase here to the same advantage as in Meissen. Those living longer than 3 months here must notify the Police at the Einwohneramt before the 3 months are up, and iake out an Einwohnerschein 4 marks.

Foreigners living here up to one year continuously or three years with interruptions, need not pay income tax unless they carry on business.

At the end of the terms mentioned they must pay a tax according to their income or expenditure in Dresden, whichever is the greater.

In case of dispute, apply to your Consul in office hours only. There is also local taxation of all foreigners living here more than three months, for the Protestant church and school; rate based on income, or expenditure in Dresden, whichever is the greater.

There are , 50, 20 and 5-mark notes, all of different sizes; 20 and 10 mark gold pieces latter seldom seen ; five, three, two and one-mark silver pieces the three-mark piece is a "thaler" and 50 pf.

An American dollar is practically 4. The pfennig is half a farthing or a quarter of a cent. Hotel porters are always willing to change money for guests, but they can not give so much therefor as the banks or exchange Offices.

Storekeepers are not compelled to take other than German money. In going to Bohemian Switzerland, take some Austrian small money with you.

Hof - Apotheke, Schlossstrasse Pohle Portraits , Brühl'scher Garten 2 b. Deutsche Credit- Anstalt, Altmarkt Tittmann 's, Pragerstrasse Strasse 15 Eingang Johannes- Altee.

Paulig, Moritzstrasse 9, 1. Jenkins, Wal- purgisstrasse Helm, Georgs- platz 3. Rose, Prager- strasse Osterloh, Wiener- strasse 8, part.

Every person visiting Dresden must be reported. Albanus, Am See 7. Hauptbahnhof; Bahnhof Wettinerstrasse ; Bahnhof Friedrichstadt.

Schauspielhaus Drama and Comedy. Härtung, Bierling House , Waisenhausstrasse. Augustusstrasse 6 bazar de voyage 81 Geller, Nachf, Pragerstrasse 19 artist's requisites Thiel, Pragerstrasse 35 linen and beds etc.

Gold, silver and enamel Allings. Croon and bridge work. Gertnan Handdone Leatherwork of Georg Hulbe.

By appointment to the Imperial Court of Germany. Permanent Exhibition of Curiosities. Part of Dr Martin Luther's house at Wittenberg.

Ever wondered how a website with more than a million points of interests assigns scores to its attractions? These scores determine the popularity of a particular attraction in a city and also helps you in the trip planning process.

Read on to know how we determine which attractions top the charts and which can be given a miss! Google Reviews David R. Kleingartensparte Am Muhlenhugel E.

Alte Kirche Coswig Google Reviews Stefan Lang. Google Reviews Doreen Sablowski. Google Reviews Stefan Lange.

Google Reviews Sven Neumann. Google Reviews Anne Lederhose. Kleingartensparte Am Steinbacher Weg E. Google Reviews Tino Köhler.

Find more places to see in Coswig. Fasanenschlösschen Fasanerie 5 Historic and Protected Sites. Dresdner Heide Historic and Protected Sites.

Stallhof Historic and Protected Sites. Mountains in Coswig Keulenberg Mountains. Museums in Coswig Albrechtsburg Domplatz 1 Museums.

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Theaterplatz 1 Museums. Volksfestgelände Landmarks Amusement Parks. Beaches in Coswig Strandbad Paulsdorf Beaches.

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